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Areas of Dev



The foundation for our curriculum is rooted in the act of learning.  We teach our students that learning is a skill that should be practiced in order to be mastered.


Repetition and real life application leads to better understanding. Our lessons of the day are repeated throughout the day and we continue to build on the lesson for the duration of  the week.


We take a proactive role in the physical development of our students. Younger students engage in activities that challenge motor skills , hand/eye coordination and dexterity.

Our older students are supported and encouraged to be independent little beings. Teachers are there to support this group when asked, but allow the children the opportunity learn through trial and error.


Some feel that social skills are the most important skills to develop during the early childhood years. When children are supported and encouraged, their confidence grows.


We teach our students to take ownership of their voice, to learn to thrive in group settings and learn to cope and recover from disappointment.  


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We incorporate our 3 Areas of Development into each daily lesson. Through the usage of new and fun activities, students remain stimulated and engaged throughout the day.   

Arts & Crafts

Circle Time & Music

Discovery & Science

Language & Math

Dramatic Play

Outdoor & Gross Motor

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